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Vole Damage in Lawn
If you want to start trapping voles it is useful to know something about their habits. There are many different types of voles. They are all nocturnal though they may appear during daylight hours in winter. Voles range in size from 3 to nearly 8 inches. In North America, voles are better known as field mice or meadow mice. They have rounded bodies, short muzzles and a shorter tail than mice.  Voles eat a variety of different foods: grasses, bark, leaves, berries, mushrooms and other fungi, snails and insects. Voles populations can range from 14 to 500 individuals per acre.

Many people want to get rid of voles because they create runways on lawns and dig underground burrows. Most vole damage occurs during the winter when the snow is covering the ground. After waiting out a long winter, people aren't too happy about seeing their lawns torn up with trails, tunnels and dead grass.

Havahart Vole Trap
Product Code: #1020
Dimensions: 10"L x 3"W x 3"H
havahart Vole Trap 1020
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For Use With: Voles, Mice, Rats, Chipmunks and similarly sized nuisance animals.

If you have trouble with small nuisance pest like voles, chipmunks, mice, and rats then this is the trap you have been looking for. The Havahart 1020 vole trap has 2 doors allowing the animal to enter from either side. 2 gravity operated doors also gives a sense of confidence making nervous small animals more likely to enter by letting them see through the trap. It can be set with either one or both doors open.
havahart 1020 vole trap
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Constructed of galvanized steel, this trap is corrosion resistant and will last for years. The trigger plate is sensitive and specifically targets the animals it is designed for eliminating unwanted catches. The trigger rod is located on the outside of the trap to eliminate damage from animals inside.

Havahart humane vole traps are great for the beginner or weekend gardener who only occasionally needs to remove and relocate problem nuisance animals.

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"I bought this product just recently and every time I set it up I catch a chipmunk (7 so far). Simply placed some sunflower seeds in it and worked like a charm"-- Alfredo