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Precor IGR Concentrate
Precor IGR Flea Killer
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Target Pest:  Flea eggs, Flea Larvae
For Use On: Furniture and Cushions, Pet Sleeping Areas, Carpet

Available in 1 and 16 oz sizes.
1 oz. makes 1 gallon of spray product.
1 gallon of product treats 1500 sq. ft. 

Precor IGR Concentrate is labeled for indoor use only and controls pre adult fleas which typically are 99% of the flea population. This is long lasting flea control that lasts up to 7 months and uses the insect growth regulator Methoprene 1.2%. Once fleas are controlled in the egg and larval stages they can't turn into adults which means no infestation of biting adults. Precor IGR can also be mixed with ZenProx EC to kill all fleas on contact to further reduce future infestations. Be sure to treat pets with an approved flea treatment to reduce risk of bringing in fleas from the outside.

Precor IGR has no effect on adult fleas--only larvae and eggs.

The formula of Precor IGR moves right to the base of carpeting and the folds of upholstered furniture and cushions to get the fleas right where they live. Flea eggs and that are laid on treated areas will not develop into adults. Larvae that crawl onto treated areas will not develop into adults.

This product is safe to use around pets and children when used as directed. For pest control professionals Precor IGR is an economical treatment that helps protect your bottom line.

We encourage you to shop and compare but we are confident you will not find Precor IGR for a lower price than at Jarrod's Pest Products.

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Always read and follow manufacturer instructions and heed all warnings before using this product.
Ultracide Flea Spray with IGR
Ultracide 20 oz. flea killer
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Target Pests: Fleas,  Ticks
For Use: Indoors on Carpeting, Upholstery, Pet Resting and Sleeping Areas

Unit size: 20 oz. can
Coverage: Approx. 2000 sq. ft.

Ultracide is an easy to use and effective aerosol spray treatment that will kill fleas on contact and prevents larvae from becoming adults when they come into contract with treated areas. Any eggs that are coated are also prevented from reaching maturity preventing future adults from forming. Ultracide dries quickly and keeps working for up to 7 months.

Ultracide contains Permethrin and Phenothrin that kills adult fleas fast and Pyripoxyfen, an insect growth regulator that that doesn't allow flea larvae to mature. These products, working together, provide effective, long lasting indoor flea control for up to 7 months.

The insect growth regulator Pyripoxyfen penetrates into the deepest layers of carpeting and upholstery and targets pre adult fleas and eggs with devastating effectiveness.

When you need to get rid of fleas, the most likely areas that would contain fleas and their eggs is in and around pet sleeping and resting areas. For best results,vacuum pet bedding and carpeting throughly before spraying then discard vacuum bag in outside trash container. Hold can upside down approximately 2-3 feet from the surface to be sprayed and apply in broad, sweeping strokes. Do not over treat areas to the point of saturation. Only coat until slightly damp. Draperies can also be treated if in suspected flea infestation areas. (check colorfastness of materials to be sprayed by first testing in an inconspicuous area.) After treatment is complete, ventilate area and keep children and pets away until sprayed areas have dried. Only thorough and complete treatment of carpet, drapes, upholstery and fabrics will provide effective flea/tick elimination. Repeat treatment in 7 to 10 days for complete flea eradication.

Remove birds and cover fish bowls and aquariums before treatment.

To make sure that pets don't bring any outdoor fleas back into the house, protect them with an  approved flea spray or product recommended by your veterinarian.

For the lowest price on Ultracide Spray and other flea killers you will find on the net (or anywhere else) visit Jarrod's Pest Products

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Always read and follow manufacturer instructions and heed all warnings before using this product.

Eco PCO DX Dust
Eco PCO flea killer dust
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Target Pests: Fleas, Ants, Bedbugs (mattress applications only), Centipedes, Cockroaches, Crickets, Earwigs, Millipedes, Spiders, Scorpions, Wasps and Yellow Jackets

Unit Size: 10 oz. Squeeze Bottle
Coverage: 100 to 1000 sq. ft. depending on severity
For Use Indoors and Outdoors

Eco Pco Dx Dust is an all natural flea killer that works great on a variety of other common household pests too. EcoSMART Technologies has created a line of 100% safe pesticides based on natural ingredients that is exempt from EPA certification. When you need to get rid of fleas, ECO Pco DX Dust simply works.

Eco Pco DX Dust is a crack and crevice application but can be used in broadcast applications as well and is non-clumping, non-staining, unscented and water resistant. It is micro-encapsuated for residual long lasting protection. The fine powder gets into the smallest nooks and crannies that kills fleas and other insect pests fast.

Crevice application areas include voids inside walls, behind electrical outlets, cabinets, moldings, around pipe openings, under stairs, window and door frames and appliances. Eco Pco DX Dust can also be used for broadcast application in attics, crawl spaces and false ceilings and a perimeter treatment along walls.

As a crack and crevice application, 1 to 2 ounces of Eco Pco dust will effectively treat approx.100 sq. feet of surface area. In larger broadcast applications, 12 to 16 oz. can cover 1000 sq feet depending on the severity of the problem.

Contains the natural botanical insecticides Phenethyl Propionate (1%) and Pyrethrins (.40%)

For complete usage instructions and price, go to Jarrod's Pest Products. You can shop around but you won't find it for less anywhere else.

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Always read and follow manufacturer instructions and heed all warnings before using this product.

Precor 2000® Plus Premise Flea Killer Spray
Target Pests: Fleas, Ticks, Ants, Roaches
For Use: Indoors

Unit Size: 16oz. can
Coverage: Approx. 2000 sq. ft.

Precor 2000 Plus Premise Spray is a very effective flea spray that combines a quick knockdown punch to kill adult fleas fast and two adulticides to sterilize eggs and juveniles so they won't grow to be breeding adults. If you need to get rid of fleas in a hurry, Precor 2000 Plus Premise Spray is the way to do it.

Precor 2000 Plus Premise Spray is water based and delivers a fine mist that covers up to 2000 square feet  without leaving a residue. Heavier than air molecules penetrate deep into the base of carpeting and upholstery to get flea larvae right where they live.

Garages:Remove any motor vehicles in garages prior to spraying.
Indoors:To achieve optimum results, vacuum area thoroughly. When vacuuming is finished, remove vacuum bag and place in outside trash receptacle immediately. Spray area throughly with Procor 2000 but not to the point of saturation. Fabric, draperies and carpet should only be slightly damp after application. Food, food surfaces, utensils, etc. should be removed or covered during treatment. Unplug and cover aquariums and fish bowls. After spraying, ventilate area to dry. Keep children and pets away from treated area until dry. For complete instructions and warnings from the manufacturer click here.

Pets should be treated with veterinarian approved products to minimize any reintroduction of fleas after treatment.

The active ingredients Permethrin and Phenothrin work together to kill adult fleas while the insect growth regulator Precor IGR (methoprene .085%) keeps fleas from maturing by targeting eggs and larvae for up to 7 months. This prevents expensive callbacks which leads to more satisfied customers.

Even though Precor 2000 Premise Spray is designed for getting rid of fleas it works great for ticks, ants and roaches, too.

For Roaches: Spray Premise 2000 Plus Premiere Spray into the places roaches hide such as cracks in walls, behind baseboards and cabinets, around plumbing and electrical openings, along walls and directly on roaches when possible.

For Ants: Spray along walls, entry cracks and crevices, nests and directly on ants when possible.

Reapply after 14 days if necessary.

You will not find this product for less money anywhere online or off. For a complete list of instructions on usage and pricing visit Jarrods Pest Products.
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Always read and follow manufacturer instructions and heed all warnings before using this product.
Alpine Flea Insecticide
Target Pest: Adult and Hatchling Fleas
For Use on: Indoor Rugs, Carpets, Upholstered Furniture, Pet Beds and Pet Resting Areas

Application Areas: Homes, Motels, Veterinary Clinics, Apartments, Commercial Buildings

Quicker knockdown power and longer lasting control make Alpine Flea Insecticide with IGR the clear choice for dependable, practical flea control. With better affordability than competing products, Alpine Flea Insecticide helps pest control professionals better manage their bottom line. One 20 oz. can can treat up to 2625 square feet.

Alpine Flea Insecticide with IGR contains (.05%) Prallethrin for exceptionally fast knockdown and the reduced risk active ingredient (.25%) Dinotefuran that kills adult fleas for up to 30 days. The insect growth regulator (.1%) Pyriproxfen kills hatchling eggs for up to 7 months. Adult fleas may be seen on treated areas when brought in on infested animals or when the pupae emerge from their casings but populations will not develop in treated areas.

Alpine Flea Insecticide has been granted reduced risk status for public health use by the EPA so it is safer to use than most conventional insecticides.

Application can take just 15 minutes and the advanced pressurized formulation won't soak carpets which speeds drying and reduces homeowner re-entry time. Hold can at arms

Use caution when using Alpine Flea Insecticide around plastic and waxed surfaces as whitening and discoloration has been observed. Holding the can 36" away from target surfaces usually prevents any whitening from occurring. Because of the wide variety of floor types and finishes, test Alpine is an inconspicuous area before applying to entire area.

For best results, vacuum area to be treated thoroughly before application. When treating upholstered furniture be sure to lift and spray under cushions where larvae hide.

Be sure to treat household pets with a veterinarian approved product to reduce the risk of future infestations. Alpine Flea Insecticide with IGR works best in conjunction with outdoor treatment products like Tengard SFR and Nyguard IGR EZ-1

For complete instructions on Alpine Flea Insecticide usage click the Product Label.

Always read and follow manufacturer instructions and heed all warnings before using this product.