Foundational Treatment

Foundational treatment is the application of termiticide to a foundation setting up a barrier against the termites. The objective is to place termiticide in all cracks at the footing as well as through the cracks in the foundation wall which may lead to the ground outside. Treating the inside of hollow concrete walls is an example of foundational treatment. The foundations are generally of three types: Slab, Basement, and Crawl space.

All three types of construction will require specialized treatment to form this chemical barrier. Treatment outside the structure may involve trenching and treating or rodding to treat the soil on the outside of the foundation, rodding beneath slabs, or vertical drilling and treating of outside slabs, stoops or porches. Treatments inside may involve trenching and treating the soil along foundation walls in crawl spaces, vertical drilling and treating slab foundations, rodding around bath traps and other utility openings, or treating wood directly.

Concrete Slab Construction - It is possible to trench around the outside of a slab after it has been poured, but this alone usually will not give satisfactory control because the termite colony may be entering the structure from the soil under the slab.

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Chemical Treatments

Homeowners are not equipped to treat under slabs after the slab foundation is completed. A professional pest control operator usually is needed to do subslab chemical injections